Why is his Photo Booth Cheaper?  Price isn’t Everything!

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March 14, 2016

Why is his Photo Booth Cheaper?  Price isn’t Everything!

We receive dozens of phone calls daily asking about Photo Booths and their prices.

I just received a call from a lady and all she was interested was the price.

Yes, price is important but there are other things to make sure are covered but we forget to ask,

 “What do you get for your hard earned money?”

Here are 12 questions to ask when you are hiring a Photo Booth company for your event:

  1. Do You Include Custom Graphics?

Does your photo booth company provide you with custom graphic layouts and is there a charge for doing a graphic? We provide for no charge for custom graphics.  If you want your logo on the picture, consider it done.

  1. Do They Carry Insurance?

It’s important to hire a company that has liability insurance and will show you their insurance binder, that they do actually cover insurance for the event.  Imagine if the photo booth operator bangs into the wall and damages it?  What if the driver hits your building? Make sure they are covered!

  1. Do They Have Back Up Equipment?

Many start up photo booth companies are just doing it to make money, and will not have back up equipment.  They have only one camera, one printer etc. to fall back on.

It’s wise to book a company that has a complete back up of equipment.  Things can go wrong and if they do not have back up, your wedding or special evening will have that: “Too bad we did not just pay that extra $50!” syndrome.

  1. Are They Using a Professional Photo Printer?

How fast is the printing?  Do you receive the pictures right away or do you have to wait for 15 minutes?

We worked an event on Saturday night and the client paid $650 for a separate company’s photo booth, to “save $$”.  The pictures were printed out on inkjet printer paper, not on Photographic paper.  This took over 5 minutes to receive the picture, not 10 seconds.  Time is important; we want to create an experience with your guest so they can get their picture and back to the party!

  1. Does Your Photo Booth Use a Web Camera or a Professional SLR? 

Why is the picture blurry?  If the photo booth company does not doing this full time, people will scrimp on anything that they can to get more profit from a low price they quoted you.  They will use cheap cameras (web cameras found on the laptops) or cameras that do not focus.  And, they will often use laser paper instead of Photographic paper.

  1. Does It Take Up a Lot of Room?

Why is this taking up so much room? The event that we did on Friday had a photo booth that took over 30 feet x 10 feet.  If you have 200 people in a room that only holds 200, where are you going to find room for a photo booth?  You could have him out in the hallway, or upstairs on the loft. But is that feasible?  Deal with a company that has your best interest in mind.  Open Air Photo booths will usually take a 10 feet x10 feet footprint.

  1. Will My Disabled Guests be in the Picture?

There are a lot of photo booths that have you sit in a box to get the pictures done.  You know the type… the ones usually found in shopping malls! They are great if you are looking for only head and shoulders to be shown, but I am the type that would like to show off my full body or be displaying a fun angle of myself.

The Open Air Photo Booths are the best way to show off the antics and fun you want captured from your special evening!

Also, Grandma is able to be in the picture, even if she is in a wheelchair.  If you want to have a group picture with 20 people, it is available.

  1. How Come I Did Not Receive a Picture?

Some companies claim to have unlimited use but don’t include unlimited prints.  Imagine if you have 15 people in your group! We ensure that all your guests receive a picture. Do you want to fight over who gets a real copy or just a picture from their cell phone? Make all your guests happy!

  1. Is The Photo Booth Staffed Full Time?

We use full time photo booth attendant at all events   What if the person is not paying attention?  Can you redo that picture, or are you stuck with that terrible picture?

Professional photo booth companies will redo your picture to ensure a great memory.

  1. Do You Have Props and Signs?

Theme Props and signs are a must for photo booths. If you are having a theme party, why have props that are geared for weddings? Ask what will be available for your guests to enjoy.

  1. Are You Using Ambient Lighting or Studio Lighting?

Ambient lighting is quick and easy for the photo booth operator, but bad for the overall quality of the pictures. Insist on studio lighting for the best quality possible.

  1. Do We Receive a USB stick of All the Pictures?

We give you the option of having the photos on a USB stick, as well as being able to download from our website! Let us know what works for you!

Ron Waterfield is the owner of Twilite Music Services that has been around for over 40 years in the entertainment industry.  Tracy Reece runs Smiletime Photo booth out Edmond, Oklahoma and has been a photographer for over 26 years.

Visit Twilitephotobooths for more info

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