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The Way It Works

As you press the infrared spray can, an infrared light beam is emitted which is tracked by the laptop. The AIR Graffiti software converts the light beam into a virtual image that appears on the projection screen known as the “Digital Graffiti Wall”, creating a vibrant and colorful drawing.

The output is a digital image file that can be printed and/or shared via email and social media networks such as; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. The software also allows the option to save the entire creative process on the laptop in a video file.

The software uses different drawing techniques to enhance the authentic graffiti experience with features like virtual stencils, stamps, drawing effects, and even a realistic dripping sound effect.

AIR Graffiti also includes a selection of pre-defined backgrounds and photo overlays, offering the ability to add personal branding and logo designs for giveaways, promotions and advertising.

AIR Graffiti Wall Features

AIR Graffiti Wall is a unique and exciting product that allows the creation of virtual graffiti on a digital wall. The interactive experience is operated with a rear projection screen, laptop, projector, and infrared spray cans.


T-Shirt Printing

Printing to t-shirts with the AIR Graffiti Wall is easy. Using built-in features, users can quickly design their own t-shirts. Once the image is printed, you can then press it directly onto the t-shirt using a heat press.

Game Mode

The AIR Graffiti software comes with a Game Launcher mode. When activated, the AIR Graffiti Wall displays a selection screen for the user to choose a game. There are currently 6 built-in games available: Aliens & makeup, build your own, coloring pages, dot to dot, drawing lessons, and free draw.

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