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March 24, 2015
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July 13, 2015

How Important Is The Music and Entertainment At Your Celebration?

If you’re planning on a small wedding at home and you’re looking to provide background music, then pre-programming your iPod may be a cost effective option. If your reception involves any kind of special dances, such as your first dance, parents dance, etc., then the timing and presentation of these songs has a direct effect on the flow of your event. Imagine all of your guests standing around you, ready to see your first dance – and your iPod operator can’t find the right song to play. If you have 100 guests, you’ll have 100 different ideas of what the “perfect mix” should be. Picking the “right” songs is much more difficult than you may imagine. Besides being extremely time consuming, trying to “guess” what your guests will enjoy in advance is virtually impossible. Although you might be a fan of a particular type of music, remember that your guests may not share your specific musical tastes. Your wedding isn’t the time to play all one genre of music such as Club Music with the same beat all night. You want to make this a memorable event that includes your Parents, Grandparents, and your guests of all ages. Your CPDJA Professional DJ carries a huge variety of AVLA licensed music to every event and they’ve spent hundreds of hours developing their music collections to suit a wide variety of musical tastes. They know how to mix the music to the flow of your occasion while it’s happening. This ability to change the musical direction of your event based on the reactions of your guests is something that a pre-programmed iPod will never do. MP3 players were never designed for professional application and there are numerous examples of how failures of these units to work at the exact time you need them have ruined a reception. Professional DJs carry professional equipment – and back up equipment just in case. They know how to adjust the volume so the differences between loud and quiet recordings doesn’t blow your guests out of their seats or make them strain to hear. They also monitor microphone volumes to ensure that people can hear every word of your speeches at a comfortable listening level. Did you know that if your event is happening in anything other than a private home, you’re going to need a copyright license from the Audio Visual Licensing Agency to play any kind of iPod, computer, or burned CD at your occasion? A professional CPDJA Disc Jockey will work with you to ensure that the music you want to hear on your Wedding Day actually gets played the way it should. For more information please click here. Article from Bride & Groom by CPDJA © 2012, for more information and articles please visit

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