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January 22, 2015
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March 24, 2015

Club DJs and Wedding DJs – Very Different Professionals

While both club DJs and Wedding DJs are experts in music performance, entertaining at a night club vs. at a wedding reception requires very different skill sets. It’s rare to find a DJ qualified to do both.

While a Club DJ will be intimately familiar with the establishment’s clientele and know the type of music that works to keep the dance floor full, they can expect to play the same type of music for the same age group and approximately the same number of patrons each night. A Club DJ is often masterful at mixing different songs together, from a couple of genres of music throughout the night, such as Electronic, Rap, and Top 40.

An experienced Wedding DJ is a more versatile professional and will have a proficient knowledge of tens of thousands of different tracks of all genres including Top 40, Hip Hop, Urban, Country, Big Band, Rock n Roll, Jazz, Blues, Ethnic and more, as well as both fast and slow tunes from the most recently released to the top hits going back to the 1940s. A successful Wedding DJ fully understands the requirements, traditions and objectives of wedding receptions, and is able to expertly plan and execute all the music needed for your event. Oftentimes, formal music for the ceremony, background tunes for the cocktail reception and dinner are also required.

No wedding is the same as another. Therefore wedding DJs are required to be highly adaptable and adjust their performance style from event-to-event. Ensuring that as many guests as possible are given the opportunity to have fun. A professional Wedding DJ takes into account an age spread that can exceed 60 years between the youngest and oldest guests. Therefore the style of music need to be changed multiple times throughout the night to accommodate everyone.

A Wedding DJ watches the crowd throughout the night and adjusts the music based on which age group, gender, even culture is dancing (or not), encourages the crowd using the microphone and works closely with several people while performing. In one night, ti is not uncommon for a DJ to take requests from guests, mix music, communicate with the venue, and work with the wedding planner, the MC, the bride and groom, their parents, photographers, videographers, etc. The art of easily managing any situation that comes up at any time without stress or visible frustration is of utmost importance.

Given the many roles and depth of experience necessary, a Wedding DJ is more accurately a Musical Entertainment Coordinator and Facilitator. While Club DJs can be exceptional professionals, it is important to ensure that the DJ you choose for your Special Day fully understands weddings and is able to expertly manage all entertainment requirements on the most important day of your life.

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