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Rock Their World With a DJ and Entertainment

Why do teens love a good party? They like to get wild and crazy! Let Twilite Music Services supply the perfect DJ to get your guests or students fired up and living life large.

Top Quality Sound

Teens only want the best sound, and Twilite Music Services has cutting edge equipment that provides top quality sound that will blow their socks off.

Night Club Lighting

Give your teens the night club atmosphere with Twilite Music's Night Club Lighting that can turn any venue into a dance party.

Digital Request System

Twilite Music makes it easy for all the teens at your event to put in their song requests digitally so that we can get the party started.

Youthful Engaging DJs

Teens require a certain presence in their DJs, and the Twilite Music DJs are just the right mix of youth and experience. No old guys in leisure suits here.
Engaging DJs - The Right Music - A Rockin' Atmosphere - And So Much More

Create the Best Teen Party for Your Special Occasion

Who You Are as an Individual

Your party DJ will expertly provide music and entertainment that reflects and respects your unique personality.

Inclusive Teen Party DJ Packages

We cater to every possible requirement you have to make your party an outstanding event.

Peace of Mind

You can enjoy your party with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your DJ and music entertainment is completely covered.

As Distinctive As Your Students Are

Whatever your style, whatever your desire, trust Twilite Music Services and our outstanding DJs to create a distinctive entertainment program for you and your guests.

Wow, What a Rockin' Party

Our professional and experienced DJs will provide the teen party experience that will have everyone talking for years to come.


Our Teen Party Packages

Forget text books, school papers, exams, and homework. It's time to party with a top-rated DJ who can spin better than anyone else. You set the music selection, and we'll take it from there.
  • Sock-Hop-Teens

    School Sock Hop

    Our Interactive Party Hosts that will entertain your students with the latest Top 40 music and provide interactive activities that can range from hula hoop contests to the latest dance routines.

    Interested in the 50’s style sock hop? Dance the night away to Elvis, Bill Haley and the Comets, The Platters, The Coasters, The Drifters.

    Your dance will include:

    • Exciting Prizes
    • Top 10 request sheets
    • Posters to generate a party atmosphere!

    Suitable for up to 200 students

  • Premium-Teens

    Premium DJ Package

    A variety of music from our exceptional library. Interactive Disc Jockeys that will entertain the students with the latest in top 40 music. Plus, our disc jockeys will excite the students with participation dances.

    • Prizes
    • 4 Lighting Effects
    • Fog / Haze
    • Premium sound system
    • Early Set Up Complete With Sound Check

    Suitable for 200-300 people


    • Text Requests
    • Digital Music Requests via Twitter and Facebook

    Upon booking with Twilite Music, your school will be presented with our “Party Pack”:

    • Top 10 request sheet
    • Ideas for fund raisers
    • Posters

  • Dance-Teens

    Dance Party

    A spectacular sound and light show!

    • Interactive Party Hosts
    • 2500 watts of Sound
    • Complete array of Night Club lighting effects
    • Fully computerized light show
    • 155,000 songs to choose from
    • Music Requests Taken Throughout The Evening
    • Party favors
    • Prizes
    • Digital Music Requests via Twitter & Facebook


    • REQUESTS from your smart phone

    Suitable for 300-2000 Students
    Upon booking with Twilite Music, your school will be presented with our “Party Pack”:

    • Top 10 Request Sheet
    • Ideas for Fund Raisers
    • Posters

  • Teens-Rave

    Power Rave Party

    An Explosion of Sound and Light!

    • An incredible 4000 watts of Concert Sound!
    • 24 Dynamite prizes!
    • Computerized Night Club light show!
    • Fog machine, Laser and other special effects!
    • Music and Sound customized for your event!
    • Music Requests Taken throughout the Evening now via Facebook, Twitter or from your smartphone

    Suitable for up to 5000 People


    • Digital Music Requests via Twitter & Facebook
    • Text Requests

    Upon booking with Twilite Music, your school will be presented with our “Party Pack”:

    • Top 10 request sheet
    • Ideas for fund raisers
    • Posters
    • Prizes

  • Teens-BarBatMitzvah


    If you don’t get a little CRAZY,is it really a Mitzvah?
    Capturing the importance of the occasion, the joy of the celebration and the fun of the party! Your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah is an important day for your entire family.

    Excellent Service

    Whether it’s a DJ, the finest dancers and party motivators, big screen video presentations or original themes, Twilite Music Services Ltd. will provide your family and friends with the biggest, most exciting celebration they’ve ever witnessed!

    It’s all about style

    • High-energy family introductions
    • Blessing of the challah
    • Customized candle lighting ceremony
    • Hora
    • Blow the roof off this place dance sets
    • Party Add-Ons

  • Quinceanera-Party-Teens

    The Quiceneria Party

    It’s all about your day. It is time for a celebration and Twilite Music is there to provide it. From the introduction into the room to the last hug from your friends, our interactive DJ’s will create a party that your friends will envy for years to come.

    Your party will include:

    • The latest Lighting Effects
    • Fog/Hase Machines
    • Awesome Prizes
    • Interactive DJ’s
    • Interactive Line Dances
    • Survivor Game


    • Digital Music Requests via Twitter & Facebook
    • Text Requests

    Have The

    • Fabulous Feud Game for your Entertainment
    • ..or The Open Air Photo Booth
    • Party Add-Ons

  • Family-Dances1

    Family Dances

    If your Family Dance calls for a The Best Party Ever! Then Twilite Music Services Ltd. is your only choice. Twilite Music DJ’s have years of experience in creating the greatest party atmosphere. You will have a Disc Jockey with no less then 5 years experience, and can be assured of a well co-ordinate function.

    A Family Dance is a community event which brings parents together with their kids, parents together with other parents, kids together with kids and everyone together on the dance floor. It is an alternative to the commercialized, pre-packaged world of traditional family entertainment. Separating parents’ and kids’ worlds into totally distinct spheres is unhealthy.

    • Top 40, Hard To Find Songs and Party Classics
    • Interactive Disc Jockeys
    • Interactive games, such as the “Survivor Game”, Musical Chair/Scavenger Hunt
    • Participation dances like the Pizza Dance and “Be my Girl Dance”
    • Exciting Prizes
    • Party Add-Ons

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The Twilite Difference


Early Setup

We arrive well before the start of the party to make sure everything is set up and ready to go before the first guest shows up.


We offer free consultations to ensure that your teen's party goes off without a hitch. Free no matter how many times we need to consult.

Music Selection

Your teen selects the music to be played from our extensive music collections. We're also willing to play music from your private collection.

Event Tools

We have an extensive choice of event tools to make your teen party the best one of the year. Give your guests the opportunity to experience something new.

Interactive DJs

Our interactive DJs know how to get your guests fired up. Let our DJ work his magic and have your crowd fully involved.

Backup Gear

Just in case, we have backup gear for those instances when something goes wrong. We're fully prepared to keep the party going strong.


We have the extensive experience to handle any teen party. We also know how to make your teen's party the experience of a lifetime.

All About You

At Twilite Photo Booths, we understand that this is a big party for your teen, and we work hard to make sure it's the perfect party that he or she wants.
Experienced - Dedicated - Professional

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