Open Air Cinema For Any Occasion

Unlimited Multimedia Possibilities For Your Outdoor Event

Turn you outdoor event into multimedia entertainment for you friends, family, colleagues or clients with our cinema-grade HD projectors, pro audio, and outdoor-rated inflatable Airscreens

Huge Screen

Easy setup and manned in case emergencies arise. Watch your favorite movies on our inflatable 35x25' movie screens.

HD Picture

Big screen comes with razor-sharp HD image. We only use widescreen full-HD 1920 x 1080p cinema-grade

Big Sound

Singing karaoke, dancing to loud music or playing video games. All sounds better with our pro audio crystal clear sound system.


It's all about you and your guests. The widescreen format of our inflatable screens really gives audiences that cinema feel.
Movies - Live Camera Footage - Music Videos - Karaoke

A Personalized Cinema Experience

Easy Setup for Any Occassion

Our inflatable movie screens and complete outdoor theater systems are perfect for a wide variety of uses, from a backyard theater for your family to a municipal film festival to a military movie night and everything in between.

Huge Capacity

Entertain up to 250 individuals spread out on blankets with this high quality, durable, easy to use 35ft Pro inflatable screen.

Peace of Mind

You can enjoy your event day with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that Twilite Music is taking care of providing the ultimate Open Air Cinema Experience.

razor sharp high def image - crystal clear sound

Make Your Outdoor Event - The Ultimate Experience

Whether is a movie night, sports event gathering, a birthday party or a wedding - All you need is a 110v extension or a rented generator.
Planning a public event for fundraising or corporate promotions? Say No More. Twilite Music will manage the production.

Open Air Cinema

Make your event the showcase of the decade with the

Perfect Entertainment For Your Perfect Open Air Cinema Event

For the discerning host who wants the ultimate in entertainment, you need the Open Air Cinema Package For Your Spectacular Outdoor Event

Featuring such spectacular highlights as the big screen and the pro audio system in an outdoor environment like rooftop, football field, stadium or your backyard; your event will turn out to be great fun guaranteed! Organize your spectacular neighborhood block party, movie night or fundraising event. Open Air Cinema is chock full of everything you want to make your special day the most incredible event ever designed. You get a formally dressed usher in an elegant tuxedo who expertly functions as your Master of Ceremonies. With an enchanting atmosphere set by mood lighting and snacks, your guests will be encouraged to participate in your special day in fun and entertaining ways, and you will be the center of attention that draws the crowd together. All stops are pulled out for the host who chooses the Open Air Cinema Package, and you get our Peace of Mind Guarantee that your event will turn out to be great success!

Open Air Cinema Features

Beyond Ordinary, the Twilite Music Open Air Cinema Package Will WOW Your Guests

We have the expertise to turn your event into an unforgettable experience.

Twilite Wedding Presentation

The Twilite Difference

When You Want Something Different From the Rest
Experienced - Dedicated - Professional

The Open Air Cinema Experience


w Pro Audio

Crystal Clear Stereo Sound

ft Pro Inflatable Screen

The widescreen format of our inflatable screens really gives audiences that cinema feel.