The following questions from Clients are among the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) that our office receives. We strongly recommend that Clients get all answers to these questions in writing to prevent misunderstandings.

1How much do you charge/how much is overtime?
Our fee is determined by a number of factors, including music time/location of event/music equipment required. Overtime is from $250.00 to $350.00 per additional hour (when available).
2How much is the deposit/when is balance due?
Our deposit fee is 50% included with a signed contract. Both the event “Questionnaire” and balance are due ten days before the play date.
3Will your DJ act as our Master of Ceremonies?
We often refer to our disc jockeys as your “party-host”. He/she is able to use their professional experience to make announcements and act as a “Master of Ceremonies” to coordinate events.
4Will your DJ accept our song requests?
As per our agreement, our DJ will “select a wide variety of music, and receive requests from both the Client and guests. The Client is invited to provide additional music not included in our music selection.”
5Can we reserve a specific DJ?
Our entertainment agreement allows Clients to write the name of a specific “Twilite Music Services Ltd..” DJ on our agreement. Additionally, it indicates that we charge a nominal $100.00 “DJ Reservation Fee” to more clearly identify those Clients requesting a particular DJ from “Twilite Music Services Ltd.”. This policy allows our office to schedule the “right DJ for the right party”.
6Are there any extra agreements or charges not listed on your contract?
The first full sentence in our agreement indicates, “It is mutually agreed that the Client’s signature on this document indicates that the Client has read and understands that this contract contains the entire agreement between the Client and Twilite Music Services Ltd.. No representations or promises (oral or other) between the Client and Twilite Music Services LTD. shall be of any force or effect unless they are written on this contract copy, are signed by both parties, and are confirmed in an Twilite Music Services LTD. receipt.”
7Do you have any references?
For more than thirty nine years, our office has mailed to our Clients a Performance Evaluation. We offer these evaluations as references. We also suggest that you ask your other wedding/party professionals (caterer, photographer, etc.) for additional recommendations.
8Can we meet with you?
Both current and potential Clients are invited to have an individual meeting with one of our Disc Jockey party-hosts, ask questions, review proposed timelines and music requests, and view a brief ten-minute video of an Twilite Music Services Ltd. performance. Call or E-mail our office for additional information.
9What makes your DJ Company different from the others?
In addition to providing talented mobile disc jockeys that can act as a Master of Ceremonies to coordinate all events, wear a tuxedo (when appropriate), and play a wide variety of music (including requests) from compact discs, we feature:
  • Over 35 years experience at over 20,000 successful events.
  • Last year, over 75% of our Clients contacted our office after seeing us at an event, or were referred by a friend or other wedding/party professional (caterer, photographer, videographer, event planner, etc.).
  • Frequent speaker for local and national associations, and conventions.
  • Free Wedding & Reception Planner.
Dedicated 24 hours - Phone: (780) 444-4874 | Website
10Why do you want to call our catering director, photographer, and videographer a few days before our event?
On Mondays and Tuesdays, we telephone each of our Clients scheduled for that weekend to confirm general information, specific song or event requests, and tie up any loose ends. After phoning our Clients, we then attempt to reach their professional vendors (catering director, banquet hall manager, professional photographer, and videographer). After making these calls and then working with these party professionals for several years, many of them have become good friends with us…almost members of our extended family! During these phone calls, we also discuss approximate times, order of events, any unusual activities that may be planned, and iron out any differences in timelines. Our experience has shown that it is always easier to handle potential problems days before an important event, rather than minutes before they are about to occur.
11Can you recommend to us a photographer (or location, caterer, videographer, limousine, event planner, bakery, florist, etc.) for our event?
Twilite Music Services Ltd. has entertained for more than twenty four years at more than 20,000 successful Edmonton, Calgary and Victoria Area events. Because of these experiences, we have developed a database of over 300 active Edmonton,Calgary and Victoria Area wedding/party professionals. Last year, over 75% of our Clients initially contacted our company because they had seen us at a prior engagement, or were referred to us by a friend or another wedding/party professional! Our office is regularly asked to recommend vendors to wedding/party planners. We enthusiastically offer referrals to these people on the telephone, and in personal conversations based on the following criteria:
  • Did he/she appear to offer a reasonably professional service?
  • Did he/she appear concerned with the overall success of the event, or more concerned with maximizing their personal profit?
  • Does that vendor appear to practice good business ethics?
  • Were we able to smoothly coordinate our previously agreed schedule of events with that vendor?
  • Did we enjoy working with that individual?
  • Is the vendor open minded to offer referrals to Clients based solely on merit?
It is our office policy to neither offer nor receive money in exchange for referrals. We prefer to enjoy the good will that is created by the free exchange of vendor recommendations. We also recognize that the more referrals we give, the more we will probably receive.
12How can we make your event more successful?
Given half a chance, any wedding reception or other social event can be really fun! We strongly recommend that newlyweds-to-be and other event planners select qualified vendors (caterer, photographer, and disc jockey), etc.) who can work well with each other…and then trust them to do what they know how to do. All vendors rely and appreciate suggestions from their Clients. But please, don’t tie their hands behind their backs by trying to micromanage every second! Offer your vendors as much information as necessary to make your expectations clearly known. Then, trust your party pros to know how to make your wishes come true. That’s why you hired them! Regarding our Disc Jockeys from Twilite Music Services LTD., one of our most important duties is to be a Master of Ceremonies and to coordinate the timeline schedule. In addition, we can also include certain “fun activities” (line dance instructions, Conga Line, etc.) and special music requests from our Clients to insure that a good time is had by all!
13How can our party be more fun?
Probably our number one piece of advice for a Bride & Groom or event planner is to prioritize having fun over everything needing to be perfect. Those individuals who determine before their event that they are going to enjoy themselves regardless what happens are going to have a good time! Conversely, those people who prefer to carefully control each element of their event are destined to be disappointed. Something unexpected is bound to happen!
14New Age, Old School, Modern Rock, Classic Hits,…how do you know what kind of music to bring to play at an event?
You forgot to mention High Energy, Italian, Portuguese, Techno, Rave, Club, Hip Hop, East Coast Swing, Calypso, Alternative, and about 101 different types of line dances…in addition to the more popular Top 40, Easy Listening, Country, R & B, Motown, Classical, Jazz, Reggae, Disco, Oldies, Big Band, Waltz, Show Tunes, Cha Cha, Polka, Salsa, Cumbia, Banda, Ethnic, and audience participation songs that we are accustomed to playing! Whew!!! Actually, it’s our Clients who have educated us to know what music to include in our music library. They are the people who first introduced us to many of the types of music listed above with their eclectic variety of requests.
15Why do you recommend that Clients schedule overtime in advance if they have an afternoon event?
Availability, availability, availability. In order to keep prices down, many wedding/party professionals such as hotels and restaurants, photographers, videographers, caterers, and music entertainers look forward to scheduling two events on the same day. If a Client thinks that their afternoon event might go longer than originally planned, they should first check with their catering director or banquet coordinator to insure that their banquet room is available for extended hours, and that there is not another event scheduled later that evening. It is also recommended that they ask their other wedding/party professionals if overtime will be possible.
16I read that you emphasize playing requests from your Clients. What if these requests are not enjoyed by their guests and people complain?
A small number of Clients, who wouldn’t think of instructing the head chef at what exact temperature to cook the food, or tell the photographer what order to shoot the pictures, sometimes attempt to choreograph their DJ’s song selections prior to their event. Our Disc Jockeys are instructed by our office to play, as many Client requests as they feel are appropriate. We also encourage music requests from audience members at each event. One of the most frustrating aspects of our entertainment service is when the music that the Client requests us to play at an event is not popular with their guests. Because of this, our contract agreement indicates that our Disc Jockey “will use his professional experience to make announcements, select a wide variety of music, and receive requests from both the Client and guests.” Experience has taught us to no longer accept contracts from Clients restricting our Disc Jockey to only read their preprinted announcements, or to play only their song requests. Clients are certainly entitled to restrict their music entertainer regarding these matters, …with another entertainment service.
17Can we request songs or types of music that we do not want played?
We invite Clients to request song selections to be played/not played at their event. We also offer them the opportunity to direct our DJ to include/not include music suggestions from their guests. Clients are invited to provide additional special song selections on compact disc at their event for our DJ to play that are not included in our song list.
18Should you feed your DJ? The short answer is Yes, Why?

The nature of your DJ’s tasks requires an extended day and they can’t leave their Equipment or Music unattended. The also can’t shut it all down and take a dinner break without severely impacting the flow of your Wedding Reception.

Step into your DJ’s shoes for a moment. How would you feel if you had to work non-stop for 14+ hours at a job that involves a lot of physical labour without access to food?

In fact, when you look at what your DJ will do for you, you’ll realize that they usually arrive early and have everything set up before you or your guests arrive and won’t be leaving until they break it all down again at the end of the night. That’s a long time to work non-stop without some food to keep them energized!
  • Your DJ should eat at the same time as your guests so they will be ready to perform
  • Food is fuel. Your DJ should be fed a generous, nutritious meal as “vendor”meals are often more like a snack, not enough to keep them going for another 6 or more hours.
  • And avoid forgetting about your other Vendors!
In summary, a DJ with a good meal will be much happier and will feel appreciated. An appreciative DJ will work harder to deliver above and beyond your expectations. That’s a “win-win” for everyone!

Open Air Cinema

1How much power do we need?
At least three (3) separate 110V 15A receptacles that are accessible within 100 feet of the performance area.
2What types of movies can we show?
Twilite Open Air Cinema has two types of movies: those available to the home video market and those available in advance (pre-release titles). Twilite Open Air Cinema has the largest selection of pre-release titles in Canada, and currently offer 99% of its films in advance of the home video date.
3What format are the movies in, VHS or DVD?
If you are interested in showing a film that is available to the home video market, the titles is available in either VHS or DVD format. If you are interested in showing a pre-release title, the majority of these films are only available in VHS, 35mm or 16mm format.
4If I use a VHS copy and project it on the large screen, will this not compromise the clarity of the film?
While it is true that a VHS copy is not as pristine or clear as a DVD or a digital copy, we have yet to receive one comment regarding film quality. More than 50% of our outdoor films are in VHS format. The pre-release titles prove to be a great treat for the movie going audience!
5Can we charge admission fees?
This depends upon the details of your event. We need to ensure that your movie screening is deemed a non-theatrical venue. Contact us for further clarification.
6What equipment is included?
  • 1 – Audio Mixer
  • 1 – screen
  • 1 – high lumen projector
  • 1- high-wattage sound system
  • 4 to 6 speakers
  • 1 – Audio Mixer
  • 1 – DVD/VHS player
  • all travel costs
  • set-up and removal of all equipment
  • 1-2 projectionist
7Do we have to sign a contract?
Yes, we do require that a contract be signed by all parties. This is to ensure that all parties are protected and everyone has a clear understanding of the expectations. Our contacts are custom designed to meet the needs of the individual client.
8What if it rains or the weather is poor?
Another date or have a hall that is an alternative. Our screens can be used indoors as well.
9How big is the screen?
There are many options available concerning screen size. They range from 9x12 to 30x50, however please remember: The large the screen the more expense the event. Please remember that we can supply both regular screens and inflatable screens.
10How powerful is the sound system?
The sound system package depends upon how many viewers are expected to attend the movie event. The larger the audience the more powerful the system required. We always ensure that sound is excellent!
11Do we require any insurance? Or security?
Unfortunately you should contact the owner of the land in which you intend to show the film. This information varies depending upon what area of Canada you live in.
12How much work is involved in planning an outdoor movie event?
Believe it or not….not much at all! Twilite Open Air Cinema can help you every step of the way. We supply everything (movie, public performance rights, projector, sound system, projectionist, set up and removal of all equipment, etc)!
13Can we advertise our event?
This depends upon your particular event. In general, we do not allow advertising as our events are non-theatrical, however special permission can be granted if the right criteria are met. It is best to speak directly with a sales agent with regards to this subject.