Party Planning

Party Planning in Edmonton


Weddings are almost always the most labour-intensive (and stressful) occasions from a planning standpoint, which is why we take pride in offering you the opportunity to plan your next wedding with our help. As your personal wedding party planners, we’ll review vendor contracts; make sure florists, photographers, decorators, and caterers are organized; and manage guests throughout the duration of the wedding service and reception.

Anniversary and birthday parties

We’re the best party organizers, and we showcase this by helping you throw unforgettable birthday and anniversary parties for the guests of honour. We create lasting memories with loved ones and help you show how much you appreciate the people in your life by taking care of everything. We’ll make your event unique, from the music to the schedule, theme, and other arrangements.

Use Our Party Planners to Customize Your Event in Edmonton, AB!

At Twilite Music Services, we understand that planning an event like a wedding or a party can be extremely stressful. As the choice DJ and entertainment services company in Edmonton, AB, we’ve gained the experience to know what it takes to throw an amazing party or special occasion. Tasks such as planning a schedule, organizing caterers, photographers, and more get easier with experience, and we’ve been around the block a few times.

Twilite Music Services doesn’t just provide music, lights, and entertainment for your events; we also provide party planning services in any capacity you need. We’re able to be your partner in party planning before and during your event, relieving your stress and allowing you to enjoy the day yourself.

How we can help

When you hire us for DJ music and entertainment services for your event, we can also lessen your load in the planning department. We can assign consultants to:

  • Help with event theme planning and decorating
  • Help with the creation of an event schedule
  • Organize florists and photography as needed
  • Assist with setup and teardown of party or wedding accessories/decoration
  • Help with planning menus and catering
  • Manage additional vendor contracts and handle logistics/deliveries
  • Manage guests during the event
  • Handle any additional responsibilities that arise during and after the event
Our expert party planners will help you build customized, theme-appropriate decorations, playlists, and light shows that take into consideration the tastes of the guests in attendance. Our experienced DJs will add entertainment and personality as a finishing touch to create a stunning, memorable event!

What kinds of events have we helped plan?

Twilite Music Services has provided professional DJ and party planning services to thousands of events in the Edmonton, AB, area. Look to the left and right columns to see a few examples of the types of events our party planners can help you execute! Call now for an unforgettable party!

Corporate events

Who says business events have to be boring? Our corporate event party planning and Christmas party planning will have your employees thanking their lucky stars that they decided to work for you. With catering, scheduling, DJ services and more, we’re the top choice when it comes to corporate party planning.

Teen parties and dances

The teen years are a special time in a person’s life. When schools and places of worship call on us to make an event special, we don’t disappoint. We’ll help you set a theme and build the atmosphere to match at church events, school dances, and bar/bat mitzvahs so that your growing loved ones never forget this moment in their lives. .